Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Journal, no. 14 | February in Review

This February, in 2012...

We started February with Imbolc on the 2nd, which we celebrated in a small, simple [perhaps rushed] way with a modest wreath--ivy and feverfew with some silver and copper around a pentagram--constructed by Wolfman in the early morning, after the pets were fed but before we ate breakfast.

I was on Hatteras Island February 4th-7th for a work trip. Ate the best crab I've tasted yet in Manteo (but some of the worst hushpuppies), and did some productive work-type work, but mostly felt a chill down to my bones and missed my husband and dog and contemplated how truly bizarre beach-life is.

On the 11th we drove to Fayetteville for my friend, Selena's, housewarming. I've known Selena since middle school; she was, in fact, the first friend that I made after moving to North Carolina from Albuquerque. I have no way of being able to express the following thought without using some sort of cliche inspirationspeak that usually makes me cringe, but it sort of fills my heart up, with joy and puppies, experiencing life changes and triumphs with a lifelong pal. Also, Selena always makes bangin food for her get togethers. So, yum.

On the 22nd I began my experiment with Pagan Lent, and so far it is going fairly well. I did cheat and eat a couple stale marshmallows last Sunday. The weekend, truth be told, was a bit rough. I think not eating sweets is making me surlier, which I did not think possible.

On the 25th, Wolfman played music at Common Grounds (blog update coming soon). All I can ever say about Wolfman's music playing out and about is that he is handsome and his music is brilliant, and he deserves a large, enthusiastic, intelligent audience, one that as of yet he does not have--but that is not due to lack of charisma or talent.

And on the 26th, my little brother Dusty turned 24 years old. Here's to hoping this next year is a happy and productive one for him.

Overall, this month felt slow and we Wolfpeople spent much of it in the grumps. I got in a fight with my sister, our neighbors & friends abruptly were forced to close their diner, and I was gone for four days to what felt like the end of the world, which made both Wolfman and me a bit sad, pathetic though that may sound. I was also really bad, due to my mood I guess, at chronicling the passing days, and missed a couple 365 photos (the first I've missed in 6 months of doing this project). But, coming home from Hatteras to a dreary mood and home made me rethink my work schedule, and now I am no longer working my horrible part-time evening job; I'm free! And, my sister and I made up and are planning on going to the ballet this weekend, so the grumps haven't lasted for long. Growing up, my grandpa had a coffee mug which read, "Don't let the turkeys get you down." I didn't. And, flowers are in bloom now.

Next February, I think I'd like to plan for the holidays a little better, to help break up an otherwise grey month--more of a ceremony for Imbolc, perhaps a little decorating for Valentine's Day, and maybe I'll borrow my Grandma's deep fryer and make my own hushpuppies and donuts for Fat Friday before embarking on whatever deprivation I'll have planned for Lent.

Here are some of my favorite photos from this month:

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