Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photo Journal, no. 11 | a new toy

Wolfman and I have been geeking out on a certain camera app my sister turned us on to, RetroCam. Follows is a sampling of said geeking:

1. A Christmas gift from my sister, which has become part of our nightly ritual.
2. Rubber snake in a potted plant in Grandma's kitchen.
3. Yours truly, self-portraiting like a dweeb.
4. Waiting in the car.
5. Coffee stop at Common Grounds.
6. Lunchbox rests his head in my lap.
7. Favorite coffee mug & note-taking.
8. Brandon Lee by Scott Rorie, in our living room.
9. A Wolfman & Bryan production.
10. Photo by Wolfman, as if that isn't obvious.
11. Super affirming rune reading.
12. Train graffiti.13. Birgitte & Wolfman, all this gorgeous.

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