Friday, May 6, 2016

Photo Journal | The Girl of the Wish Garden

Stop the presses. I actually had my auntly stuff together this year and had all of Ella's birthday gifts purchased (or at least chosen) weeks before her actual birthday. I mention this to gloat about my psychic powers more than my organizational ones. You see, half of those gifts I so carefully laid away in the weeks leading up to my gorgeous niece's 3rd birthday were themed. Though, I did not realize the theme until packing them together the day before The Day. I bought Ella an owl bracelet (though there were so many other animal bracelets to choose from: a dolphin, a butterfly, an elephant to match her name) and a dress printed in feathers and packed it all in a tote bag printed with feathers. The significance of all the birds and feathers: we took Ella and Mads out to the Sylvan Heights Bird Park in Scotland Neck for her birthday. This birthday trip was not, however, planned at the time I was buying so many fowl gifts. See! Poof! Psychic! Obviously.

Before the noise and wonder of all those lovely birds (owls included), the Monday before she turned 3, Ella got her ears pierced. The family came out to the mall on my lunch break, my boy Mads in tow, and we walked down to Claire's to turn Ella into a proper princess, with pink jewels in her ears (she knew she wanted pink even before she saw the sampling of studs from which to choose). Sierra had, like a good mother, warned Ella that the piercing would hurt (her first lesson in suffering for beauty), so perhaps it should not be surprising that once the piercing was imminent, Ella began to have second thoughts (which I unkindly, but humorously, have documented below). She took the piercing like a champ though, and good Aunt Mimi bought her some ice cream studs for her trouble. And then good Grandma bought her some actual ice cream.


  1. Love reading your blog and adventures of your family. Was reading about your daughter, dressed up as a princess getting her ears pierced. This reminded me when we went to a birthday party for Missy, my BFF's 2 year old girl with a princess theme who came with a white dress, pink bow and tiara in her hair with large pearl studs peeking through her hair.

    When she approached me, I told her how cute she looked and loved her earrings! I then pointed her towards Rick, my husband. He had been opposed having Sandi's, our 27 month old ears pierced, saying he wanted it to be HER decision. Well, when Sandi saw the "princess" with earrings, it was suddenly, "mommy, I want earwigs, like Missy."

    On that day, when the little blond haired, blue eyed 2 year old toddling around as she approached us, I began smiling wildly, saying, "Her earrings are soO CUTE!"

    After the party, Sandi, was totally smitten how pretty Missy looked with earrings and couldn't stop talking about how pretty Sandi would look with little pearl earrings too. She even came home, went to my jewelry box and tried to put one of my pearl stud earrings in her ears. I told Rick and he said we should get her ears pierced now before she puts one in her ear canal and we have to take her to the ER.

    Next day, I called our ped to ask her opinion since I was unsure about doing a toddler. She encouraged me to do saying it was best when mommy could care for them and sent me "Suggestions for moms having their daughter's ears pierced." They were helpful finding the right place, type of earrings and after care tips.

    Being Halloween, our daughter was dress as Elsa from Frozen in her princess outfit. Rick and I took Sandi to Claire's by coincidence the "Piercing Princess" was working to pierce ears of little girls who wanted them done. I asked her if Sandi was too young, and she said, "all little princess wear earring and since your little girl is a princess, she should have pierced ears too! Well, Sandi hopped up in the chair and got large pearl earrings and was suddenly transformed into Elsa with the cutest earrings possible.

    Your little girl is so adorable with little sparkly earring and am sure all her little friends will want to look as cute as her when they see them. Think you were a smart mommy for doing them now and know she'll love them as Sandi does hers.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing your story!


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