Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Vest - Componix, second-hand (from Grandma's closet) | Dress - Fashowlim, thrifted (Goodwill) | Bra  - Whimsy by Lunaire (Dillard's)
I have this lovely (truly unfairly beautiful and kind) co-worker, Christina, who has a kind of standard uniform at work this summer--maxi dress or skirt, denim vest.  It's simple and adorable, effortlessly chic and just a tad edgy. Christina must've been on my mind as I went to my closet this day, and here's my take: thrifted maxi dress (with a little lace from my bra peeking out) and a vest from my Grandma's wardrobe back in her Lady Indiana Jones days.  (You can see how I've previously worn the vest here.) 
A couple years ago, I purged my jewelry box of all the junky, costume jewelry I'd bought--cheap earrings from places like Target and Claire's.  My jewelry box and stand are sparser now, but populated with truly unique finds, of which I am proud--gifts, antiques, and hand-made items. I'm not a shoe girl or a purse girl, but I don't leave the house without a pair of earrings. The bracelets I wore today were gifts Santa left in my stocking last Yule, made of tagua nuts and acai berries.  You can learn more about Organic Tagua Jewelry from this video.

Earrings - Pididdly Links, vintage (Ordinary & Extraordinary) | BraceletsOrganic Tagua Jewelry (BeYOUtiful Butterfly Boutique, Cary) / Copper cuff, gift (from Grandma)
Dress - Snap, resale (The Butterfly Exchange, Cary) | Belt - Thrifted (Goodwill)
This dress has mass appeal.  Wolfman loves it because it clings to my body and has a cut-out in the back that displays, well, my back (as in, between my shoulder blades). When I wore it to work on this day, though, it was a pre-teen girl shopping with her mother who stopped me to exclaim, "Oh! I love your dress!" I get that. It's colorful and has a fabulous flow to it, and is sexy without being over-the-top; it's exactly the type of dress on an adult body that a pre-teen might find aspirational. I paired it with a Haitian Bead Project necklace, made of recycled cardboard by a woman in Pignon named Carline. I bought the necklace partly for the colors and its length, but also because Carline is a wife and mother of one son, like me. The little card that came with the necklace states, "Carline loves to sing and help people," such a simple and lovely sentiment. To learn more about the Haitian Bead Project, watch this video
Necklace - The Haitian Bead Project (BeYOUtiful Butterfly Boutique, Cary) | Earrings - gift (from Grandma, last Christmas)
Infinity Scarf (on head) - second-hand (Grandma's closet) | Top - L'pogee World Over (boutique in Ventura, CA) | Bra - Coobie (BeYOUtiful Butterfly Boutique, Cary) | Capris - Almost Famous, resale (The Butterfly Exchange, Cary) | Sandals - Cynthia Rowley, second-hand (Grandma's closet)
This top is, I think, my only souvenir of a kind of impulsive trip to southern California to visit a friend.  We stopped in a little boutique in Ventura, and I found this on the sales rack for $20. I didn't wear it for a number of years because I worried the shape was unflattering, and then one day I rediscovered it in my closet and thought, "Bitchin!" Now, I wear it all summer, probably once a week, and it sheds beads with every wash. (You can see how I've previously worn it here.) Perhaps because of my affection for the tunic, I paired it with some of my more sentimental pieces of jewelry--the necklace I used to wear as a baby (which now fits me as a choker; the impossibly tiny matching bracelet sits nestled in my jewelry box) and a bubble-making necklace my grandmother used to wear when I was a little girl.  I recently took home some of the nicer jewelry Grandma's been saving for me, and I was rushed with happy memories at the sight of this particular necklace.  I tried filling it with bubble solution, but it was a bit of a messy venture--hopefully the cork just needs to plump up a bit to form a better seal.  We shall see.
Choker - vintage (my baby necklace) | White gold and diamond necklace - antique, gift (from Grandma) | Bubble-maker necklace - vintage, gift (from Grandma) | Earrings - antique, stolen (from my sister, who never wore them)
Top - Petticoat Alley, resale (The Butterfly Exchange) | Skirt - Chico's, thrifted (Goodwill) | Bra - Coobie (BeYOUtiful Butterfly Boutique, Cary) | Belt - second-hand (Grandma's closet)
I wore the heck out of this choker in high school--chokers were sort of my thing back then (it was the early 2000s, after all), but this one in particular was a favorite. I thought it was romantic and made my eyes pop. This skirt is another much-worn piece from my past; because of the elastic waistband and giving material, I wore this skirt pretty frequently toward the end of my pregnancy, both above and below my belly.
Earrings - WarFire Forge, gift (from Wolfman) | Choker - Claire's | Necklace - antique, gift (from Grandma) 
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