Friday, August 22, 2014

Photo Journal, no. 62 | A series of photos in which Bubba suddenly looks like his Papa

Here's Big Guy the day after he turned a year old (his Grandpa Bob's birthday, coincidentally; August loves this family).  I pulled out the camera because he had food on his face, as a Mama does, right.  Turned on the flash because of bad, dinner-time, yellow kitchen lighting, snapped a few photos.  It wasn't until I'd finished and reviewed the product in my camera's view screen that I realized, well, geez.... this guy is really starting to look like Wolfman.  Huh.  It took a year, but it happened.  Don't mistake my surprise for anything but that.  I'm pleased as punch.  God knows I love my husband's face and every expression it makes, and I love it all doubly when it's shared by our son.

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