Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday, no. 2

I am thankful for signs of Spring.

I am thankful for my hat of many colors, which kept my ears warm on a blustery, cold day.  

I am thankful that my new medicine cards (more on these later) fit perfectly in the old pouch I bought (with my own money!) at a Spring Daze back when I was in middle school.  

Lastly, our boy Lunchbox injured himself weekend before last after accidentally jumping into the car door (instead of jumping into the car; he was off to see his girlfriend, my Grandma's dog Sioux Bea, and he was terribly excited).  After a couple days of hobbling about pathetically and needing to be carried in and out of the house, Wolfman took him to the vet for some happy pills (an anti-inflammatory and a pain medication).  I am thankful that after a couple days on his medicine, he seemed to have done all the healing he needed and didn't even finish the bottles.  I am thankful that his injury wasn't more serious.  And I am thankful that this little, muscly dude is in our life and will be for some years go come.  We do love that dog.

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  1. Love the hat! Love that you hold onto & repurpose things from your clearly beloved childhood! Love the sweet & funny way you refer to your man & your dog as Wolfman & Lunchbox. Wonder what they call you???


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