Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Been Thrifting, no. 1 | Raleigh Flea Market for Black Friday (ish)

I'm not sure that this past weekend's whim of a trip to the Raleigh Flea Market would be worth posting about, if not for this amazing Schoolboy Kittens Smoking in the Bathroom portrait we snagged. When I saw it, I yelped. And Wolfman laughed and handed me a 20 dollar bill. (To all outward appearances, it would seem that we are a very anachronistic couple [that is a nice word for it], as he always has cash on him, and I never seem to; I am the debit card carrier, however, and all my cash ends up being broken for ones and used as bus fare. Such are my ultra romantic spending habits.) I've been sporadically collecting art and prints for about a year now, but have not hung anything on our walls yet. A) Because our walls are made of some indestructible material which will not take a nail and B) Because of a frame shortage; frames are much too practical an item for me to think about spending money on and C) Technically, our landlord did ask that we not put too many nails in the walls--ah, the woes of renting. Currently, these bad boy kittens only have a home leaning against the record player in the living room, but this hanging impasse will be remedied once I'm on furlough next week. It's on my To Do While on Furlough List along with watching "You've Got Mail" and "While You Were Sleeping" and learning myself how to weave rugs.

Wolfman's flea market habits consist heavily of scouring the military surplus and examining many an antique weapon. (He is a collector of blades and a bow enthusiast, specifically.) He found these boot covers in a plastic tub full of handsome military coats (think Captain Jack Harkness), and they sort of perfectly solve his Five-Finger-Shoe dilemma of only being able to find short men's toe socks, not tall socks to keep his shins warm in the winter.

Also found: a 12 cup coffee pot (sort of fortuitous considering Wolfman had been wishing throughout his entire four day holiday weekend that he had a gigantic coffee pot so he could sip coffee all day long--we previously had only a four cup coffee pot and a french press), and for five bucks, a leopard print knock-off snuggie which Wolfman models above. He predicts that I will fall asleep as soon as I put the snuggie on every night. He is correct.

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