Monday, October 31, 2011

Photo Journal no. 2 | Historic Oakwood does Halloween

Oakwood is a historic neighborhood nestled in downtown Raleigh, full of large, majestic, (occasionally forboding) old homes. On mini breaks from work, I like to wander through its streets (it's only two blocks from my building), and I always see something new, though generally speaking of a tame variety--an interesting new way to pot flowers, for example. But, on one corner of Oakwood Ave., lives one of the Halloween People--a person who decorates every square inch of his/her property with tombstones, rubber snakes, and bloody appendages. I was told by a co-worker who lives in the neighborhood that throughout the years this particular house has become known on the trick-or-treat circuit, and literal bus loads of children will stop in the neighborhood just to be spooked at this house in particular. (Apparently, the chief decorator does exactly what Wolfman has planned to do this year; he recruits friends and family to dress in costume and hide behind trees and jump off the roof to frighten trick-or-treaters, making them sweat for their candy.) My co-worker told me that some of the neighbors are none to pleased about these over the top shenanigans as upwards to $100 of candy must be purchased to appease the waves of costumed children drawn to the neighborhood, but my wanderings through Oakwood in October have proved that some neighbors are inspired, one in particular even giving the Oakwood Ave. Co. a run for their money.

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