Saturday, September 8, 2007

A list of songs from which my blog posts derive their titles, or, a comprehensive list of songs I really dig

  1. "Closer to the Heart," Rush; A Farewell to Kings, 1977 
  2. "Rebel Yell," Children of Bodom (cover);Skeletons in the Closet, 2009
  3. "Bitch," The Baseballs (cover); Strings n Stripes, 2011
  4. "Pretty Fair Damsel," Sam Amidon; I See the Sign, 2010 
  5. "Fisherman's Blues," The Waterboys; Fisherman's Blues, 1988
  6. "Little Boxes," Loch Lomond (cover); The Boxtrolls (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack), 2014
  7. "Sugar Water," Cibo Matto; Viva! La Woman, 1996
  8. "Where the Wild Roses Grow," Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; Murder Ballads, 1996
  9. "A Nightmare on Elm Street," Charles Bernstein; A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984
  10. "Dancing Barefoot," Patti Smith Group; Wave, 1979
  11. "Njosnavelin," Sigur Ros; ( ), 2002
  12. "Thirteen," Big Star; #1 Record, 1972
  13. "No Angel or Demon," Witchcraft; Witchcraft, 2004
  14. "My Valuable Hunting Knife," Guided by Voices; Alien Lanes, 1995
  15. "Venus as a Boy," Bjork; Debut, 1993
  16. "I'm Not Like Everybody Else," The Kinks; Sunny Afternoon, 1966

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